Founded by award-winning designer Holly Surya, Evolve Design is your fabulous waiting to happen.


Interior and Exterior Design and Planning, representing and consulting each clients vision for a seamless completion both unique and one-of-a-kind. 22 years of experience in the construction and design industry gives a more whole approach to each project. The ability to work with client and trade to create a well planned project from start to finish.


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Our number one commitment is our customers and their satisfaction. We uphold the integrity, reliability and commitment that makes each project a success. Listening to clients and translating their visions is of the utmost importance to the design process. Mirroring each clients’ desires creates spaces with timeless elegance. 

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Siulan K.

Malibu, CA


NEED SOMETHING FIXED OR BEAUTIFIED AT YOUR HOUSE OR BUSINESS??..... “EVOLVE DESIGN”, is your answer. :) I thought I was going to revamp by kitchen, and Holly Surya, they helped me with my kitchen, three bathrooms, painting, new doors and hardware....really, everything. Haha Her recommendation of her licensed and insured workers banged through my project with such professionalism, etiquette, honesty and cleanliness. During the holidays too. Amazing. Last mention....I wasn’t sure what to do?...and she almost “mind-read” me and created what I didn’t even know I was thinking. 🙌🏽🤣 Highly recommend, if not just for the sheer ease of their tackling what seemed too overwhelming for me to handle. :) Good luck.



Pacific Palisades

Holly Surya of Evolve Design is very talented and professional. She worked on a landscaping project for our backyard in Pacific Palisades and completed a large studio construction project adding a full bathroom, flooring, walls, and some unique features. Holly took much care and attention in selecting the perfect mix of plants and flowers for the backyard and designed an incredible flow that everyone who sees it loves. On the studio project, she worked diligently from start to finish, keeping organized and working hard to stay within timeline and budget. She made sure all the important items were complete to our satisfaction and was kind and patient. I am very grateful to her, and pleased with the end result. Thank you Holly. I highly recommend Evolve Design.

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Winter Park, FL

Holly did an excellent job. She was knowledgeable, conscientious, personable, responsible, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. She understood our needs, taste, and budget. The quality of her craftsmen's workmanship was excellent. Holly's estimates of expenses and time framework were accurate. We appreciated the way she oversaw all the details of the job. We're extremely happy with our completed project.